Kashkaval Cheese
Bahçıvan Kashkaval Cheeses are produced from pasteurised cows’ milk. Bahçıvan Kashkaval cheeses take their own taste, smell and amber colour by keeping them waiting in specially designed ripening room. Kashkaval cheeses which are completed maturation are packed diligently. Our packages which are easy to open provide ease of use to our customers. Full-fat cheese, light cheese, sliced cheese, sliced light cheese are among our Kashkaval group products.
White Cheeses
Bahçıvan White Cheeses are produced from pasteurised cows’ milk; it has the colour of porcelain white and creamy texture. Our Sliced White Cheeses which are only produced by Bahçıvan Gıda through a different technology in Turkey is creamy and has a unique taste. You can easily use it in salads and breakfasts as well as in pasta. BemBeyaz is produced by using ultrafiltration technology, it has a different taste and form compared to traditional cheeses due to the process implemented. You can safely consume Bahçıvan Bembeyaz cheese produced under hygienic conditions without human touch
Exclusive Cheeses
String and Jeddal cheeses which are among traditional exclusive products come into prominence with their perfect fibrous structure. Halloumi Cheese specific to Cyprus is also found in our product line. Halloumi Cheese is a very different kind of cheese with its form eligible for toasting. Its taste, smell and flavour are unique. Fresh Mozzarella in Water, specific to Italy is consumed as fresh, has the colour of porcelain white and an excellent taste. It may generally be served sliced in circles with tomatoes sliced in circles, olive oil and basil. Grated Cheese is a practical product which eases the life and may be used in your pizzas, pastas and soups.
Spreadable Cream Cheeses
Bahçıvan Labne with less sold is produced under hygeniz conditions withtout human contact. Due to its soft and creamy texture, you can spread it easyly when you consume for your breakfast. It is not limited by breakfast, you can also use Bahçıvan Labne for tiramisu, cheesecakes as well as cookies and pastries. Also it is very useful for sauce making, appetizers and soups.

Bahçıvan Spreadable Cream Cheese; is a healthy product easy to use, delicious and produced in hygienic conditions. We present you a unique taste which can easily spread don bread and may be used in snacks, sandwiches and canapés. Bahçıvan Spreadable Cream Cheese is relatively practical with the package providing storage easiness and the foil easily opened and will be inseparable part of modern life. Triangle Cheese is the product being produced by specially processing delicious cheeses. It is a product which can be easily greased on bread, sandwiches without sticking on foil. Due to the foil easily opened, it is very easy to reach triangle cheeses. It is different from others with the creamy, shiny appearance and the sense of saturation in mouth. Triangle cheese is produced in compliance with processed technology in hygienic environment. Creamy, shiny appearance and its perfect spreadable characteristic arise from its production by using best qualified raw materials.
Our company uses milk being received from the region of Thrace and produces butter from the cream derived from the milk. Our butters produced from fresh cream are among the tastes being sought. It is at the forefront with own taste, smell and colour.
Imported Cheeses
Parmesan cheese imported from Italy especially for you may be used in your pastas, salads and pizzas.
Mass Consumption Products
Our products delivere dto mass consumption points are the products having the same characteristics with our other wholesale products. Grated and Block Mozzarella cheeses which are produced for mass consumption have the characteristic of perfect processing and lengthening. Through these characteristics, our mozzarella cheese which is an inseparable part of pizzas is used by many pizza companies at home and abroad. 2-kg kashkaval cheese is produced especially for markets and mass consumption centres and it can be easily sliced when requested. 1,2-kg sliced kashkaval cheese is especially for the buffets making toast and sandwiches with its perfect toast performance. Slices being separated from one another easily provide ease for use.
Endüstriyel Ürünler
Endüstriyel ürün kategorisinde son derece modern toz ürünler tesisimizde üretilen süttozu ve peyniraltı suyu tozu yer almaktadır. Peyniraltı suyu tozu dondurma, bisküvi, hazır çorba, çikolata gibi ürünlerin formülasyonlarında kullanılan değerli bir üründür. Bunların yanı sıra susuz tereyağı ve krema ürünleri de endüstriyel ürünler arasındadır.