Mini Cracker with Bahçıvan Cheese
1.5 cups of water, 2 tablespoons margarine, 1 teaspoon salt, and flour as you can mix into a dough as medium hardness. Refrigerated rest after an hour or so, open it by the roller blade thickness. Traythem into greased oven by cutting dough round with tea cup. Holes in them with a fork, sprinkle with salt. Cook them until being golden brown into 190 degree oven. After receiving them from the oven, grease Bahçıvan Cream Cheese on them, and serve by garnishing tomato and dill, chopped small rectangles.
Kunafah with Bahçıvan String Cheese
Put 250 g shredded wheat on lightly greasing the baking tray. Pour half a pack of butter on it by melting and put 1 package (250 g) of Bahçıvan String Cheese. After sprinkling 150 g pine kernel by pouring equally on the tray, then add on 250 g of shredded wheat. Bake in 180 degree oven for 45 minutes. After taking out of the oven, pour cold syrup prepared by boiling 3 cups of sugar and 3 cups. Serve it as warm.
Fettucini Alfredo
Boil 1 package of fettuccini pasta according to the receipt and drain. Superheat the butter in a broiler. Roast 350 g slightly sliced mushroom into the broiler. Add garlic and salt into it. Afterwards, add 250 g chicken into the broiler. Add thyme when closed to be cooked. After including 1 package of cream and blending, take the pasta into a broiler and add the batter prepared with chicken and mushroom. You can serve your pasta by adding Bahçıvan grated cheese & mozzarella cheese, parsley and dill.
Salad with Bahçıvan White Cheese
Wash cucumbers. Slice them in circles without peeling the shell. Divide lettuce into large pieces. Take all of them into a large bowl. Stir in parsley. Mix salad by pouring olive oil and lemon juice. Add salt. Take the salad on serving dish and sprinkle Bahçıvan cube white cheese and coarse ground black pepper and serve.
Mozzarella Pizza with Bahçıvan
3 cups flour, 1 cup yoghurt, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons olive oil, 1 teaspoon baking powder and salt in a mixing fermented dough and knead it. Light on a surface sprinkled with flour, the dough will cook wide open tray. 5-6 cherry tomatoes, boiled corn, 1 cup Bahçıvan Grated Cheese & Mozzarella Cheese and add 2 fresh green peppers, gently twist the edges of the dough to cook.
  • Mini Cracker with
    Bahçıvan Cheese
  • Kunafah with Bahçıvan
    String Cheese
  • Alfredo
  • Salad with
    Bahçıvan White Cheese
  • Mozzarella Pizza
    with Bahçıvan