• Human Resources Policy

    BahçıvanGıda management is aware that its employees’ skills and qualifications at the highest level give a result of positive reflection to the product quality. Our company keeps the human factor at the forefront in achieving the total quality goals, and applies the following policies through the value separately to each individual:

    • The employees are hired in according to their skills and knowledge.

    • The opportunities are constantly provided to the staff for improving their knowledge and experience.

    • All of the employees are treated fairly and equally.

    • It is ensured that the decisions to be taken or the systems to be implemented at the company are through a joint decision rather than individual decisions.

    • To achieve a better and more accurate result an ambient is provided for criticism and suggestion.

    • The studies are conducted to define the development area of each employee and training & development activities are applied.

    • "The knowledge is to share, not to withhold”; is a principle. As this is progressing as a part of company culture the opportunity to experiment this enthusiasm is provided to all of the employees.

    • The opportunity is given to our employees to be proud of the performances that have been conducted only by themselves, resulted and have been under their responsibilities.

    • At BahçıvanGıda, the pride of being a respected person is experienced by each employees.
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